I can admit that I don’t know enough about the government. I have complained about many things within the government, but I can’t lie when I say that I know that I haven’t done enough research on my senators to vote for changes that I would like to see happen. It’s our job as a generation to educate ourselves, and a new collection on Netflix could help us do just that.

“We the People” takes modern music to a new level by educating listeners on everything there is to know about the government. It allows younger listeners a way to educate themselves with something that they enjoy. It doesn’t feel like school, and it teaches crucial information we need to know to be active members of our country.

The series teaches about topics such as the courts, taxes, and the bill of rights. Available as a series on Netflix, each song is featured in its own shortened music video. Exciting illustrations go along with each of the songs, with fun and vibrant colors and patterns to attract the viewer. Each episode has a different style of music and different illustration style, as if each episode is its own individual segment. The series also allows for listeners to listen to the soundtrack on Spotify.

But what makes “We The People” special?

These songs aren’t just written and performed by random people. Each song features a famous artist, including features from Bebe Rexha, Adam Lambert, and H.E.R. We The People allows for young people to learn about important topics from the people they already enjoy listening to.

“We The People” gives audiences a way to learn about the government that connects them to music, which can be a helpful learning tool. I personally have wanted to be more educated on the government, but I have never had the motivation to learn what I needed to. This series of songs gives people like me the opportunity to learn in a way that would be easier and more relatable to them.

Part of the Representations Matters Collection, “We The People” can be recognized for its significant amount of diversity in sexuality, gender identity and race. Every episode is sure to have a variety of t representation, which is crucial in telling the story of America. It allows viewers to have a better representation of what America really looks like, which isn’t found in a lot of media. The song “Immigration” features characters from countries from all around the world, showing that you can be an American citizen no matter where you’re from.

Although these songs vary in style and meaning, they all have a central message. It is crucial as an American citizen to educate yourself on how the government works and what is going on within the government.

Because no matter what you say, “It only really matters if you voted.”