My name is Mackenzie Krumland and I will graduate from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in May 2022 with a BS in Multimedia and a minor in Visual Communication and Design. At UNK, I’ve had the opportunity to be the social media director for my sorority as well as work all four years at The Antelope, the campus student newspaper and held positions including Design Editor, Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief. Within the classes related to my major, I was able to learn and maintain skills in several Adobe programs. 

The summer before my senior year, I had the amazing opportunity to begin a full-time paid internship at Intellicom, Inc., an IT company based in Kearney, Nebraska. At this internship, I had the opportunity to make connections within the company, significantly strengthen my design skills, learn more about topics such as social media advertising and search engine optimization, and experience a real job environment within my field. This internship gave me better confidence with my design work by encouraging me to work with my Gallup Strengths. 

My top five Gallup strengths are Restorative, Positivity, Individualization, Relator, and Input. These allow me to support a team by being a skilled problem solver, being able to see the best in situations, acknowledge and understand others’ backgrounds and differences, make deep and meaningful connections, and increase my drive for collecting information and learning new things. 

Throughout my years at UNK, I had the opportunity to be involved in two of the advanced collegiate choirs for my first two years and held officer positions within my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, such as the Social Media Director, Continuous Open Bidding Director, Song Chair, and Panhellenic Delegate. Through my sorority, I had the opportunity to make connections throughout the entire Fraternity and Sorority Life community as well as give back by raising money for Autism Speaks and the Kindly Hearts Campaign, which benefits an underprivileged school within the community. I also worked in the Panhellenic community to serve as a sorority recruitment counselor for two years. 

I have a passion for music and enjoy singing and playing the ukulele, and I enjoy thrifting, fashion, and anything related to art. Something I’m very passionate about is advocating for mental health awareness. I think that it is something we still don’t know nearly enough about and we need to make a bigger priority on mental health education. I also have a passion for traveling and have traveled to several states and countries and love experiencing different cultures.