While working at Intellicom, Inc., I had the opportunity to create several fliers for advertising for multiple companies.


Within my internship, I had the opportunity to refine my design skills by creating several fliers for advertising for multiple companies. 

Interactive Magazine

For a final project, I created an interactive magazine using Adobe Indesign. I took used from 4 artists and photographers to create an animated 12 page interactive magazine. I created the logo to represent S’edition, the company, and created proprietary type for each of the spreads. I also created an infographic with research on mask usage. 

Web Design Layout

At Intellicom, we had many companies that we host and update websites for. When companies websites needed a design update, I was given the opportunity to design the layout of the website within Adobe Photoshop. I chose the colors and textures and redesigned content from their current website.


In my time at UNK, I have worked for the student newspaper, The Antelope, for four years. I’ve designed several newspaper layouts and front pages. Here are some of the highlights.

Photo Spread Layout

For each photo spread, I had to decide what I wanted to be the main content, chose from the available photos to create an appealing design and fit the necessary content. This spread featured an event where students at UNK gathered with posters in response to an alleged sexual assault at the University. 

Front Cover Design

Every issue, I had to make a decision on what the front cover would consist of depending on what was the most relevant story in the news that week. This issue I was able to feature photos from UNK’s recent play. 


While working at Intellicom, Inc., I ran several businesses Facebook accounts, with responsibilities such as creating graphics, running Facebook ads, and creating ideas for posts. I created posts for companies such as First Care Medical, Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition, Pathology Services, and Fiddelke Heating and Cooling.